Monday, July 26, 2010

The Jiffy is No Joke. Seriously.

Third one today. I need to get out of the house more. Although I did go shopping today...

Since my posts have been really serious so far...I thought I'd end tonight on a light note.

So I was reading Sara Bareilles's blog and she mentioned the "jiffy" as being an actual unit of, naturally, I Googled. And guess what? The woman wa'nt lyin'.

In the words of Wikipedia (AKA any random stranger with internet access and at least one finger-type appendage (minds out of the gutter, children)):

"The earliest technical use for jiffy was defined by Gilbert Newton Lewis (1875-1946). He proposed a unit of time called the "jiffy" which was equal to the time it takes light to travel one centimetre (approximately 33.3564 picoseconds). It has since been redefined for different measurements depending on the field of study."

Sketchy, yes...but due to the spelling of "centimetre" being kind of British, and the use of "picoseconds," of which I have never heard...I'd say it's for real.

So next time you say you'll "be back in a jiffy," recognize that no, you really won't.

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  1. my mind was not in the gutter until you told me to get it out. and just like the rebel of a teenager i am, i hopped right into said gutter and started laughing my head off. at the joke, and the fact that i could be so disobedient, and you couldnt do a thing about it. :) (i dont know how to use comma's very well, in case you couldnt tell. or maybe i got lucky and put them in the right places! who knows! well.... i dont. maybe you do, anonymous blogger whom i do not know...)