Monday, July 26, 2010

Information underload.

So besides the fact(s) that I think too much and need a way to organize my thoughts, and that this is a rough equivalent to a Facebook note (I love Facebook notes!), and that I kind of really just like the sound my keyboard makes when I get typing really fast...there are two main reasons that I'm doing the blog thang.

1) Sara Bareilles does it. Enough said. Actually, enough can never be said about my dear Sara. But I'm done sounding like the creeper fan that I am (for now). (I download the full discography of every musician she even mentions in her blog. And I laugh out loud reading her blog in my dimly-lit bedroom with the door shut. And I put her songs/lyrics into every other song I know. And if a TV show/movie was ever made about my life, I daydream about how she would write the soundtrack and play the character of me. All right I'm done.)

2) I have this theory (oh, boy, here it comes...a thought-bubble-explosion) that in the modern world, there is


For a prime example of this information overload, take Facebook. It's a magical living, breathing, international journal where you can see someone's likes, dislikes (they have yet to create a button for those many dislikes...), pets, parents, friends, photos, links, and location at the click of the mouse/keypad/iPad. (What were they thinking when they called it the iPad?!? Mad TV sketch a-ringin' a bell, anyone?) And as if all THAT'S not enough, you have status updates, so everyone can know where you are and what you're doing and how you're feeling at any given time.

My question about all the info is not "why?" Nor is it a who, a what, a when, a where, or a how. I just want to know if, without knowing a single fact about me, you can sit there and read my ramblings. Unless you followed this link from my Facebook (ironic, no?), you don't know me. Try digging around a little.

You don't know my name.

You don't know if I'm a girl
or a guy
or a rodent of unusual size.

You don't know how I feel about the future.

You don't even know how I feel about grilled cheese.

But you've gotten this far.

My challenge to you is to continue.


  1. if you were a boy, why exactly would Sara Bareilles play you in the TV show/movie? think about it.

  2. i feel like i will be miss out on some of the fun of leaning about you because i already know you. or i know you to some extent. i am actually trying to forget that i know you so i can learn about you along w/ my fellow blogees (is that the correct term? the one you used yesterday?) but this is a little difficult because it's hard for me to forget your gender and how you feel about grilled cheese. details like that stick with you.

  3. the grilled cheese comment i made was a joke....because why the heck would i know about your feeling on grilled cheese? it was a joke because i was comparing a basic observation with a trivial fact that was like apples to oranges....and the "details like that stick with you." comment was all sarcasm. becasue even if at one point i did know your feelings on grilled cheese, that detail would surley NOT stick with me. i was just clearing that up because my own mother did not get it. so maybe it was less funny outside of my head than it was inside. or maybe - ahh im going into "blog-mode" where i feel like i can type anything and people will listen. shhh stop! ok im done.

  4. Seriously, how do you feel about grilled cheese?

  5. I hope you are not a ROUS because if you WERE an ROUS that would mean you lived in the fireswamp and might someday be slaughtered by Westly as he ran through there with the ever unhelpful but awsome Buttercup.