Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back Atcha, Feet, and the Like.

Hullo, Blogeeeeeeees.

It's too early to go to I'm blogging. Let's face it; I'm addicted.

You know what's dangerous (besides chainsaws/boiling water on the front burner/the self-image that Miley Cyrus instills in young girls)? The phrase "you too."

It came up on MysterySeeker and it made me think. It's such a simple little phrase, but it can mean a lot more than is intended by the speaker. Also, it's misused a lot. (Although "misused" looks really wrong, that's the correct spelling and everything. In case you looked at it and thought it looked weird...and didn't look it up on I did.)

For example, when someone tells you they love you, you might feel a reflexive "you too" bubbling up in your throat. NOT APPROPRIATE. An "I love you" deserves an "I love you" in return. Not even a "love you too," even though that's the typical response. Consider it.

Also (and I know everyone has done this), when the guy takes your ticket at the movie theatre, he says, "ENJOY THE SHOW." (Except he probably doesn't have his keyboard on caps lock by accident, and doesn't feel like backspacing. It's not that you're not worth the effort...I just think it's more attention-getting this way.) And you always want to say, "you too!" I've done that a number of times. I think the ticket-takers are more than used to it, at this point.

I'm getting bored with this topic. Which means you probably got bored when I started introducing this topic. Shoot.

I hate feet. I don't know why. Feet are sick, though. They go all over the bathroom floor and stuff. And they're just plain nasty. They really are the most disgusting body part. No one has attractive feet. Oh, and here's the kicker (ooooh corny pun):

on average, your feet sweat


That's at rest. I mean, you can just be sitting around eating edamames (If you don't know what those are, look them up. Then go to the store and buy them.) and your feet will be sweating. If that's not reason enough to hate feet, I don't know what is.

Hmm. What else? Oh, exciting news! I installed some StatCounter hit counter for this blog, because yes, I'm actually really into the blogging thing. And...well, let's just say more people are reading than I thought...or at least allowing the page to load. That makes me really happy. So...keep it up!

Maybe we're actually changing the world...just a little. If people can read this blog without knowing who I am (and I know there are strangers reading this), something about this experiment is going right. Oh, and if you're totally lost, read the first couple of entries. I think those are the ones that explain my purpose here.

Well...I think that's all for now. I'm going to go creepily enter this page into Omegle and MysterySeeker. Because I have nothing better to do than be anti-social and mildly self-centered like that. I'm doing it for a cause...right?

The Blogger Of All Things.


  1. blogger,
    i like how you used "like" instead of "love" because im sure you dont love all of us random strangers... or you just dont want to admit it... i was right about the feet tho! and how come i cant see the counter? thats sad :( i wanted to know too. ok goodnight. im going to go and read all the other previous posts. thats basically what i do everytime you upload a new one. i read it and then re-read all the others. and check to see if there are new comments.

    obsessively yours,
    a blogee

  2. So, I absolutely love this blog!! I started reading it at the first one and I've learned things about you, even though I've known you for a year. And this blog is completely like you, if that makes sense. So keep o writing and I will continue reading!!!
    A FB friend.