Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grilled cheese, wetc.

So apparently more people are interested in my opinion on grilled cheese than they are interested in knowing about my background or special talents or criminal record. So I guess I'll spill.

I like grilled cheese.

Which is weird, because cheese usually makes me sick. (It's a freaky digestive thing I might have. That, or it's all in my head (it's not). I tell people all the time, but I don't think they particularly appreciate learning about the functioning of my insides. Imagine that.) Grilled cheese, however, is a lovely creation...especially good with tomato soup (hold the basil) and a handful of oyster crackers.

About a year ago, I went about six months eating grilled cheese almost every day. Probably not healthy; just looked up the nutrition facts. 15 mg of cholesterol in every Kraft American Cheese single...and boy, do I pile the cheese up on those bad boys. My arteries are probably full of more congealed Kraft remnants than blood.

So there you have it.

Did you know there's an American Cheese Society? It's for cheese enthusiasts, whatever that means.

I was thinking earlier (oh, there's a shocker) and I thought of the greatest name for a waterpark: Wetcetera! Wetc. for short. Get it? It's cute and not weird at all kind of not really. All right, so it's not ideal. But...come to me with your pending waterpark designs and we can make this happen together. Then we can get Wetcetera tattoos across our collarbones and be the classiest people in the room.

Sounds like a plan.

Forever bloggy,

Me. Who else?


  1. i drew up plans for a water park when i was 8! i think this could be the beginning of a great partnership. what with you and your clever name and me with my elaborate pencil designs where the crayon barely stays inside the lines. i think we could make this work.

  2. I almost went to the restuarante with the "best grilled cheese in america", its in royal oak, WE MUST GO! And I'm a cheese enthusiast. AMEN

  3. Cheese enthusiasts unite! I feel like their home base would be in Wisconsin. Speaking of which, Wisconsin white cheddar = fantastic. My favorite grilled cheese had sharp cheddar and feta cheese... On sourdough bread. I'm a sucker for feta.