Friday, September 3, 2010


So, here's the deal. Once upon a time, I described high school marching band as being a dead mouse in comparison to the charging rhino called college marching band. And now I feel awful because in no way was that meant to be hurtful in any way. And this is a pathetic attempt at fixing the mistake I just made.

I would be absolutely nowhere without high school marching band. My closest friends, favorite teachers, and most valuable life skills are all direct results of my experiences in high school marching band. When I made that comparison, I was only referring to the degree of intensity. It's roughly equivalent to the difference in all experiences from high school to college. Everything is just...magnified.

My most sincere apologies to anyone who has hurt by my haphazard analogy...and I know this is a ridiculous way to apologize for something that I should have edited and recognized as being potentially misunderstood.

Also, I apologize to any new readers that think I'm a jerk with nothing better to do than blog exaggerations and then blog apologies for my exaggerations.

Good night, favorites.

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