Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long time, no blog.

WHOA. How long has it been? Too long. As if anyone noticed but me. Wa waaa.

I am currently writing from my new room at school. College is...yup. College is. It just is. And I'm loving every minute of it. I've been doing the marching band thing for over a week now, and let me tell you something-a little analogy, if you will. Spartan marching band:high school marching band::Costco:RiteAid. Or, here's another one. (Yes, I realize that I ruined a little more of the anonymity of this blog by telling you that I am at Michigan State University. Good luck stalking me, all you non-existent fans...there's 45,000 students on campus.)

Quick college experience story: I was riding my bike home the other night and this guy stumbles and hollers "HELLO" from across the street. Normally, I would ignore it...except that he shouted this in a flawless British accent. (Apparently, people can change nationalities when they're drunk. that was news to me. Fake or not, however, this accent made me smile.) So, naturally, I hollered back, "HEY!" He asked how I was, and I said well, and asked him, and he said well...and THEN...the greatest thing...I know, the suspense is killing you...take a moment to wipe the sweat from your upper it's not even worth it...he said, "Pip pip cheerio!" So now I have to know if people actually say that when they're sober. I've lost sleep over this.

Hmm...well, that all for now, folks. (Disappointed? I've written a lot before today...if you're bored, reread. I wonder if my writing style has changed...why don't you tell me? No pressure, of course. I don't even feel like reading this.) There will be more as soon as I have time. This is the most fantastic insanity I have ever experienced.

With like,
Me. Who else?

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  1. -first off, I noticed.
    -second, no you still sound just like *your name* ;)
    -third, haha its like "with love" but you dont exactlyyyy lovee all of us. so you said "like" hahahahaha but you do love me. anyways. at first i was like what? "with like?" yeah.
    -fourth, when you have time, i would really enjoy more college stories! though i did not enjoy your marching band analogies :( you've got to admit, while you were in my shoes, high school marching band was [close to] the best thing ever right?! dont ruin it too much for me by comparing it to a dead mouse! after band camp i was almost considering dropping dance!(which shows how much im loving MB!)...the feeling passed though, i still love dance love 1% more... oh darn, i think that little detail just comprimised the anonymity of this comment. ;) lol i think you know who i am anywaysss...oh and i REALLY wanna do marching band in college ...and i think it'd be amazing to go to MSU... so basically...i might have another chance to be in mb with youuuuuu!!!!! wait none of this gives away who you are does it...? just that you know someone who dances...

    im done. :)