Wednesday, November 17, 2010

82567819: What numbers can't tell you.

Latest obsessions: and potentially collecting every published edition of The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. If you want to sell me a copy...too bad. This blog is still anonymous. Ish. But anyway. Today's post will be punctuated with DearBlankPleaseBlank entries. And punctuation. Jefferson's pants, I need more sleep. Or something.

Here's something you all should know about me: I'm a Post-it note person. of those people. If I have to remember something, I don't do the sensible thing and set up a reminder timer on my iTouch or computer. Nay, I waste half a neon green tree by plastering neon green sticky notes on every noticeable surface in the vicinity.

"Dear Scissors,
I feel your pain... No one wants to run with me either.
Sincerely, Sarah Palin."

Also, when I have to remember something, I don't do the sensible thing and jot down something coherent. No, of course not. I write something obscure like "swap 'em out" or "RAWR. Do it."

Which brings me to my current predicament.

I glanced at the strand of sticky notes on my bedpost so as to remember what I wanted to blog about...and one of them says "SILLY BAND SYMBOLISM." Do you know how many directions I could take that?!? We'll never know what my intentions were behind that reminder. And, frankly, I'm stressin'. So I'll just let you ponder that one.

"Dear iPad,
You're such a poser.
Sincerely, Etch-a-Sketch."

Next Post-it: Daylight saving --> time is a creation of man.

That one has been up on the reminder wall since November 7th...which was daylight saving, for those of you who were born yesterday.

Does that whole concept freak anyone else out? I mean...we, as mere humans, change time. Doesn't that make the whole concept of time kind of irrelevant? The time is just a number that a bunch of people have in common...because I guess looking at a watch is easier that gauging the position of the sun in the sky, or counting the number of clouds north of the maple grove. (What?)

"Dear Justin Bieber,
Don't worry, we'll be real boys some day...
Sincerely, Pinocchio."

But, essentially...time is meaningless. I added a whole hour to my life last week! Granted, I'll lose it in the Spring, but for now...we're all a whole hour younger. That's an extra hour to breathe--and all because good old Ben Franklin said, "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." (Side note: good thing I'm not a man, because there's no way I'll be in bed early for the remainder of my natural life.)

"Dear Professor on Gilligans Island,
You can make a radio out of coconuts, but you can't fix a hole in a boat?
Sincerely, Skeptical."

I'm not sure if this is something interesting to think about, something irrelevant, something redundant, or just something that doesn't matter to anyone. Isn't it good to question the system sometimes, though? I think so. Not that my thoughts really matter. I just happen to be the one sharing at the moment.

And with that...and this...

"Dear Edward,
This is why you were in Hufflepuff.
The Sorting Hat."

...I bid you adieu. The Deathly Hallows await me. Whatever that means.


  1. i still love you. more and more wiht each post.

  2. IWasInYourBedroomTheNightBeforeLastNovember 22, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    "Paddle > purchase. Plan a party."

  3. Ben Franklin was also the first person to suggest day light savings! Funny things, funny things...