Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No-kay post. Better luck next time.

(Editor's note: Happy 2011, all! Let's make some revolutionary life changes. I, for one, will not write a post that is worse than this one for the rest of the year. Won't take much effort.)

It's a list day. A day for no-kay's.


1) Murder.

2) Blasphemy.

3) Pos-T-Vac.

(Side note: I'm not explaining that last one. Ask your parents. Or Google it.)

(Side note to the previous side note: The latter is more reliable and less awkward.)

(Side note to that last side note: That last side note could refer to the side note preceding it...or the list...apparently. Pos-T-Vac. NO-KAY.)

(Ahem...yet another side note: It was an infomercial, for your information. (Pun?) I wasn't just on the lookout for this kind of product.)


My draft of this post (circa five minutes ago) included a more extensive list, but those three pretty much sum it up. Although I did mention your-versus-you're-errors and the consumption of felines. NO-KAY.


I bought a betta fish. His name is Tyson because he thinks he's a tough guy. I like to watch him instead of Friends, sometimes. Which is kind of a big deal.

My whole house is great.

I can do anything good.

This post is going nowhere. Oh, that wasn't news. You knew that from the moment you saw that I had written a new post. (PASSIVE VERBS: NO-KAY.)

Ugh. How to save this post...story time? Perhaps.

Once upon a time...

...when I was young(er)...

...I had a crazy friend. Seeing as I was/am similarly crazed, we would do crazy things. One such "crazy thing" was this two-week phase in which we deliberately consumed plants. Like, grass and shrubbery and stuff.

The end.

(Side note: NO-KAY.)

Tune in next time for: SO-KAY. Except probably not.

Have a lovely existence, my darling blogee.


  1. YOU know on an SAT test if asked which of the 3 do not belong we would be forced to pick the Pos-T-vac as it really means no harm to anyone and in fact could provide just the opposite...........just sayin..........

  2. Blasphemy, IS NOT OK!! HAHA